The Big Business of Mental Illness

My thesis is very simple. In 21st Century UK we are all a bit mad. Perhaps there are one or two out there who are without symptoms, but the rest of us are all wobbling along the path of life, exhibiting on average a half dozen symptoms apiece. See if you can check off at least three symptoms from this partial list:

Ø Afraid to speak in public

Ø Smoke cigarettes

Ø Have suicidal thoughts

Ø Bite nails

Ø Drink alcohol

Ø Stutter

Ø Have trouble falling asleep

Ø Quick to anger

Ø Fear of death

Ø Fear of the future

Ø Obsessed about eating healthy foods

Ø Obsessive, unwanted thoughts

Ø Overweight

Ø Use recreational drugs

Ø Convinced the government is spying on you

Ø Bouts of depression

Ø Bouts of mania

Ø Nightmares

The list is really endless

If you could not check any, this article is not for you. For the rest of you, it is my contention and experience that these “symptoms” and the hundreds of others listed in the DSM5, the Bible of the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Empire, are merely bi-products of the insane system we as a species have created. Furthermore, they are easily alleviated without psychiatrists, pharmaceuticals or an outlay of cash!

I know this from my own experience. I was once labeled Manic-Depressive and submitted myself to therapy and the taking of psychotropic medication. Later in my life, completely cured of the so-called mental illness, I spent a decade working intensely with others labeled mentally ill and confined in various “homes” for the mentally ill. I won’t spend time in this article discussing those poor unfortunates except to say that they were all heavily medicated and due to the debilitating effects of the medicine had no chance of recovery.

Alternative is always better

I was one of the lucky ones who escaped the clutches of the psycho-pharmaceutical charlatans and found powerful alternatives to the prevailing myths of mental illness. My website, contains articles written by me and links to organizations and individuals offering natural healing modalities. Read especially the stories of the Soteria Project and the life of Mary Barnes. Both are honest accounts of not only the power of natural processes but also the tyrannical nature of the ruling class who amass their power through lies, fear, intimidation and their specialty: KEEPING THE PUBLIC IN THE DARK!

It is my passion to find ways and means to not only expose the corruption in high places but to steer my fellow humans towards real healing. My personal story has to do with becoming a disciple to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now simply referred to as Osho, back in 1977. His methods of healing were extremely intense, cathartic and involved not only ecstatic meditations but also the extreme areas of psychotherapy, i.e. Reichian, Primal, Gestalt and Encounter. I can understand how many people will find his methods too intense to consider. If that is your situation then please consider other, gentler methods such as Yoga, Dance Therapy, transition from an unnatural diet to an organic diet, Acupuncture, etc. The main thing is to realize that what is offered by the ruling class is untrue, dangerous to your health, and just plain evil. They are in the business of creating disease, prolonging disease and profiting from disease. The CEOs of the fast food industry, the meat and dairy industries, the psychiatric industry and the pharmaceutical industry are all in this together. At their cocktail parties in their penthouse suites they toast each other, congratulate each other, discuss new ways to increase their fortunes and have a good belly laugh over your misery.

A life of health and happiness is available to you. It is just around the corner, a few blocks away from Corporate Square.