Most Relaxing Places to Visit in UK to Calm your Mind

Its no doubt that 2020 raised everyone’s anxiety levels and is having a massive impact on mental health worldwide, get me my mortgage a specialist website for users looking for information on self employed mortgages has create a list of the most relaxing places you can visit in the uk to relax and de stress once lockdown is over. Take a look at the list below and choose your next relaxing staycation to ease your anxiety in calm surroundings.

1. Cornwall 

Sitting at the top of the list is Cornwall, one of the most beautiful places in the country, rural and coastal settings a plenty and a friendly atmosphere. Cornwall forms a peninsula with wild moorlands and many sandy beaches. The south coast of Cornwall is dubbed the Cornish riviera due to the climate and picturesque landscapes. Cornwall has a host of picturesque villages and seaside resorts

2. Standish 

A small yet humble town in the borough of Wigan has made it onto our list due to the small population, low pollution and lack of traffic jams. The village has a population of less than 14,000 people making it a perfect place to settle.

3.The Lake District 

One of the most beautiful places in the UK, it was always going to make it onto the list. A favourite for nationals and tourists the lake district is a region of Cumbria in the northwest of England. With a low pollution level and beautiful market towns such as Keswick, Kendal, Ambleside and Derwentwater. The lake district is a wonderful place to visit and live.

4. Wales

Wales made it on to the list due to the low levels of pollution and traffic free roads (mostly). Wales is a well known part of southwest Great Britain. With rugged coastlines and famous mountains located there. The celtic culture and welsh language is a draw for tourism.

5. Scottish Highlands

Home to famous loch Ness and many other famous attractions  the Scottish Highland is a wonderful place to move to and relax, benefit from rural locations and lower house prices you can pick up a lot of real estate for a lower cost.

As you can tell the most relaxing places to live in the UK appear to be more rural locations, this goes to show that city life really does have an impact on our health and ability to de-stress. Not everyone will be able to move to the locations or may not even want to but a short visit to a rural location is proven to reduce stress and help relax. If you live in a busy area it can be a great way to relax with a rural weekend away.

The Big Business of Mental Illness

My thesis is very simple. In 21st Century UK we are all a bit mad. Perhaps there are one or two out there who are without symptoms, but the rest of us are all wobbling along the path of life, exhibiting on average a half dozen symptoms apiece. See if you can check off at least three symptoms from this partial list:

Ø Afraid to speak in public

Ø Smoke cigarettes

Ø Have suicidal thoughts

Ø Bite nails

Ø Drink alcohol

Ø Stutter

Ø Have trouble falling asleep

Ø Quick to anger

Ø Fear of death

Ø Fear of the future

Ø Obsessed about eating healthy foods

Ø Obsessive, unwanted thoughts

Ø Overweight

Ø Use recreational drugs

Ø Convinced the government is spying on you

Ø Bouts of depression

Ø Bouts of mania

Ø Nightmares

The list is really endless

If you could not check any, this article is not for you. For the rest of you, it is my contention and experience that these “symptoms” and the hundreds of others listed in the DSM5, the Bible of the Psycho-Pharmaceutical Empire, are merely bi-products of the insane system we as a species have created. Furthermore, they are easily alleviated without psychiatrists, pharmaceuticals or an outlay of cash!

I know this from my own experience. I was once labeled Manic-Depressive and submitted myself to therapy and the taking of psychotropic medication. Later in my life, completely cured of the so-called mental illness, I spent a decade working intensely with others labeled mentally ill and confined in various “homes” for the mentally ill. I won’t spend time in this article discussing those poor unfortunates except to say that they were all heavily medicated and due to the debilitating effects of the medicine had no chance of recovery.

Alternative is always better

I was one of the lucky ones who escaped the clutches of the psycho-pharmaceutical charlatans and found powerful alternatives to the prevailing myths of mental illness. My website, contains articles written by me and links to organizations and individuals offering natural healing modalities. Read especially the stories of the Soteria Project and the life of Mary Barnes. Both are honest accounts of not only the power of natural processes but also the tyrannical nature of the ruling class who amass their power through lies, fear, intimidation and their specialty: KEEPING THE PUBLIC IN THE DARK!

It is my passion to find ways and means to not only expose the corruption in high places but to steer my fellow humans towards real healing. My personal story has to do with becoming a disciple to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, now simply referred to as Osho, back in 1977. His methods of healing were extremely intense, cathartic and involved not only ecstatic meditations but also the extreme areas of psychotherapy, i.e. Reichian, Primal, Gestalt and Encounter. I can understand how many people will find his methods too intense to consider. If that is your situation then please consider other, gentler methods such as Yoga, Dance Therapy, transition from an unnatural diet to an organic diet, Acupuncture, etc. The main thing is to realize that what is offered by the ruling class is untrue, dangerous to your health, and just plain evil. They are in the business of creating disease, prolonging disease and profiting from disease. The CEOs of the fast food industry, the meat and dairy industries, the psychiatric industry and the pharmaceutical industry are all in this together. At their cocktail parties in their penthouse suites they toast each other, congratulate each other, discuss new ways to increase their fortunes and have a good belly laugh over your misery.

A life of health and happiness is available to you. It is just around the corner, a few blocks away from Corporate Square.

Dynamic Meditation

A Cure for Mental Illness – Wildly popular in UK & Scotland

Dynamic Meditation was the process that put a stake in my diagnosis of Manic-Depression (Bi-Polar Disorder). Until I stumbled upon in in 1977 I was convinced of the existence of mental illness and that it was a chemical imbalance that could be corrected through an expensive course of psychotherapy coupled with the taking of psychotropic medication.

Meditation opens your inner eye and you begin to see the world differently. Prior to meditation you exist in a dream-like state. You don’t know who you are or what is being done to you. The lies imparted to you as an innocent child by parents, priests, and politicians become your reality. All the information, prejudices and beliefs given to you as you grow into adulthood become your reality, and all the abuses you endure, all the traumas heaped upon you are buried deep inside. You become a fully functional cog in society’s wheel. The essence of who you are is buried under layers of society’s bullshit. Collectively you become nothing more than a member of various belief systems. You are a white man. You are a Democrat. You are an American. You are of Scottish descent. You are pro-choice. You are anti-Gay. Individually you manage to silence your inner reality as you become more and more rigid in your adherence to the mob psychology.

My own breakdown began as my inner world, my innate intelligence, erupted to challenge the thick wall of conditioning. Truths that I had embraced for thirty years suddenly seemed like only weak, easily challenged prejudices. The solid ground of my cherished beliefs morphed into quicksand. I was spiraling out of control.

My descent into “madness” lasted four years. Nobody was able to help me. Therapy kept me somewhat tied together and able to function, and psychotropic drugs helped me get a good night’s sleep, but what I needed was the courage and insight to not try to hold on to my old way of being, but to dive inwards and face my own unique truth.

Dynamic Meditation provided the tools to do just that. For the past 38 years I have lived as a stranger in a strange land, a man without a country, a being without identification with a religion or a political party or a belief system. The trade-off is that through meditation I began to live without a fear of death, without a fear of letting go, and without a fear of madness. It is a worthwhile trade-off.

Since I was once officially declared to be mentally ill, and since I spent a dozen years working in insane asylums, I have a passion for reaching out to those people similarly labeled or frightened of the possibility of madness. I declare to you that you are not ill, you are not mad; you are a vibrant, alive soul currently imprisoned in a mad society. Dynamic and other powerful meditations can and will spring the trap. All it takes is a little courage.

If you choose not to believe me, please have the courage to investigate for yourself. There are many enlightened beings alive today who are available to help. In the field of psychology, Peter Breggin and Robert Whitaker are doing wonderful work and are easy to read. In the realm of political thought Chris Hedges and Arundhati Roy are leading the charge. Deceased, but still vibrant, are the words of R.D. Laing, Wilhelm Reich and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (now simply referred to as Osho). On my website ( I list others who can help you break the conditionings and arrive at your own truth. In the video section is a description of the Dynamic Meditation as well as a film on Vipassana Meditation. You can contact me through the website and I will be honored to offer help and encouragement. For now I leave you with Osho’s words….

“Please don’t be afraid of madness – for the simple reason that you are already mad! This world is such a vast madhouse. Every child is born sane, but cannot live sane long; it is impossible. He is brought up by mad people, taught by other mad people, conditioned by other mad people. He is bound to become mad; just to survive he has to become mad.

The people who are put in the madhouses are simply very sensitive people, vulnerable people, delicate people, not so hard as the others who live in the marketplace. They are not so thick-skinned, that’s why they break down. The thick-skinned go on living amongst all kinds of madness; they go on adjusting.

So you go and do the meditations and let the mad people watch. They will enjoy it tremendously, and they will say that there is not much difference between us and you! Then they will participate and you will be able to help them.

A madman doesn’t need a doctor, he needs a friend. A doctor is too impersonal, too far away, too technical. And a doctor always looks at a madman as if he is an object to be treated. In his very look there is condemnation: something is wrong and has to be put right. A madman needs someone who loves, who cares and is friendly; someone who does not make him an objective thing, and accepts his individuality. And not only that, but also accepts his madness, because he accepts deep down that each man has a sane part and an insane part.

Insanity is the night part of man. It is natural, there is nothing wrong in it. When you can say to a madman that not only are you mad but I am too, immediately a bridge is made. And then he is available, and it is possible to help him.

Side Effects of Dynamic Meditation

  • Increased lung capacity
  • Weight loss
  • Difficulty being serious
  • Regular heart beat
  • Inability to eat animal products
  • Difficulty maintaining straight face when listening to politicians and priests
  • Improved circulation
  • Difficulty following the herd
  • Independent thought

What Happened to You?

Who says I can’t write a SHORT article? Here’s one:

My upcoming book, still untitled, so please offer suggestions, deals with the subject of mental illness. My thesis is summed up in the accompaning graphic. In the book I describe my own journey from madness to my present state of mind, which is a little mad, but of the light-hearted variety.

Half-way through my 70 years I encountered the mad meditations of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. Using that on-going experience, like a thorn to remove the thorn of so-called mental illness, I have journeyed on, free of psychiatrists, free of psychotropic medications and happy to work with the so-called mentally ill housed in America’s institutions, to effort to find out what happened to them and hopefully help them remove their own personal thorns.

Ok, I know, I promised to keep it short! Take a look at the Dynamic Meditation video on the website. It is NOT the only way out of so-called mental illness, but it was my way, and IT WORKED !!!!!!!

2007: Isabella Blow

Final Attempt

May 7, 2007 – This day, famous English fashion editor Isabella Blow (48) died in hospital, one day after attempting suicide by drinking the poisonous weed killer Paraquat.

In life she had been especially known for always wearing very eccentric, extravagant hats.

Her closer friends knew that since long she had been suffering from bipolar disorder with severe depression episodes. Around 2005 she had been treated for her depressions with electroshocks, but soon after her doctors had to tell her she had ovarian cancer. This probably made her feel even more hopeless and suicidal than before.

In the last two years before her death, she attempted suicide six times:

  • by an overdose of sleeping pills;
  • by jumping from an overpass (breaking both her ankles);
  • by smashing her car into the rear end of a truck;
  • by taking horse tranquilizers;
  • by trying to drown herself in a lake;
  • by overdosing on medication.

When right after her 7th and fatal attempt with Paraquat she was found still alive by her sister, she had said: “I’m worried that I haven’t taken enough…”

Family and friends buried her with on the coffin, towering between the flowers, one of her hats: a black one designed by her favorite hat maker Philip Treacy, in the form of a sailing ship.
Later, her former husband Detmar Blow told how long ago she had already said: “I’m fighting depression and I can’t beat it.”


My own comment? Perhaps what I’m going to say now may offend some of you, but here I really am left with a fairly obvious question.

In a case like this, with 7 suicide attempts, wouldn’t it have saved her a lot of suffering if her first suicide attempt had been successful? My own answer is “Yes, it probably would” – and to be honest, that answer troubles me.


Paraquat, when ingested, is highly poisonous. It will cause liver, lung, heart, and kidney failures that can be deadly not just within a day but also after a month of horrible suffering.
The European Union, that in 2004 had allowed controlled use of Paraquat for agricultural weed killing, reverted that decision in 2007 (the same year as Isabella Blow’s death) because of the fear that any products from fields treated with Paraquat could bring a high risk of Parkinson’s disease.
In the UK , “restricted use” of this deadly poison is still allowed: “restricted” meaning you need a license for it.